The Fantastic

12-Inch 45RPM Vinyl


2013’s “The Fantastic” was the highly anticipated sequel to “The Ballsy EP.” ArnoCorps’ first foray into crowdfunding was successful based on the promise of fantasy-adventure, with the ancient tales of the Hyborian Age being the focus. The tracks include a Conan Trilogy comprised of a brand new re-worked version of “Crom (Strong On His Mountain)”, plus “Conan the Destroyer” and “King Conan (Crown of Iron).” The release is rounded out with “Red Sonja”, “Hercules” and the life-changing anthem, “Exactly”!

The increased recording budget offered ArnoCorps more studio time and the opportunity to work with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Michael Rosen. This release showcases the full-on patented “Heroic Symmetry” sound of Holzfeuer on vocals, Vielmehr Klampfe on guitar, Erich Nagelbett on guitar, Inzo der Barrakuda on high bass, Karl Dichtschnur on low bass and Baron Von Trotz on drums!