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Burnt Ramen Reduced to Ashes
Reported by: Klaus Gräbme

Ramen. A food often associated with the disenfranchised, the downtrodden, the "angst ridden fringe types". A food by which to write a scathing manifesto condemning the trappings of the Fascist status quo. Burnt Ramen. Food for the really, really, hungry.

Burnt Ramen is also a performance space hidden in an industrial sector of Richmond, California that is believed to be undetectable and impenetrable by the Fascists. Hopefully this will hold true, for tonight ArnoCorps is slotted to headline in what is only their second show on U.S. soil, a true testament to their power indeed. They will not be alone however for they have backup by units with such names as The Deficient and Fevered Pitch.

After The Deficient and Fevered Pitch subjected Burnt Ramen to their powerful playing and leftist rhetoric ArnoCorps was set to commence with their auditory bludgeoning of the eager crowd. There was just one small problem however – Holzfeuer was missing. Visions of Holzfeuer trapped in a windowless Austrian jail cell filled my mind but he was soon located outside by Inzo smearing mud on his face. When asked why he would risk his own personal safety by venturing outside the confines of the club just to smear mud on his face Holzfeuer replied, "I certainly didn't do this to improve my complexion. I did this to honor my fallen brethren and all people who have sacrificed their lives in the name of justice and righteousness. I did this to make sure I never forget their struggle."

The mud not only had a special effect on Holzfeuer but it appeared to also serve as inspiration for members of the crowd, many of whom couldn't contain themselves and began violently singing along with Holzfeuer on many of the bands songs. This exemplified a quite strange phenomenon I have observed over the years – people who have never heard ArnoCorps and know nothing about them or the ways of Arno are somehow compelled to rush the stage and sing lyrics they have never heard or read before in their lives. It is almost like there is some sort of telepathic connection between some members of the crowd and the band.

Aside from the band tearing through their normal set they surprised themselves and the crowd with a rendition of one of their new songs entitled "Commando". This song saw Inzo move to drums and Nagelbett move to lead guitar thus showcasing the versatility and the musical aptitude of the new American ArnoCorps while winning over many new followers in the process.

Be sure to catch ArnoCorps tomorrow night at the Veteran's Hall in Brentwood, California where they will lend their services to a good cause - raising money to help find a cure for Leukemia.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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