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May 1, 2009
Vulcan Sky Records
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San Francisco, Calif., April 30, 2009 - In a heavy rock merger that has been long anticipated, Austrian adventure rockers ArnoCorps have signed with body builder turned metal frontman Jon Mikl Thor’s new label, Vulcan Sky Records. ArnoCorps’ debut release for Thor’s latest enterprise will be “The Ballsy EP”, featuring such heroic sagas as “Red Heat,” “You Lack Dicipline,” and the anthemic “I’m Ballsy,” a tune that never fails to whip the band’s fans into a mosh pit frenzy with its infectious chorus and sheer bravado. The disc also sports a trilogy of “Terminator” tunes such as “Judgment Day,” “Rise of the Machines” and a newly re-recorded and even more epic version of the song “Terminator” from the band’s previous CD “The Greatest Band of All Time.”

The teaming of Thor and ArnoCorps is a natural for both parties. As a bodybuilder, Jon Mikl Thor was the first Canadian to win both the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles and competed against such legends as Lou Ferrigno, Mike Katz and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Onstage, he is infamous for performing such amazing feats of strength as blowing up regulation hot water bottles through his sheer lung power and bending a metal bar in his teeth in between belting out “Thunder on the Tundra,” “Let the Blood Run Red” and numerous other hits from his classic metal canon.

ArnoCorps are also no strangers to displays of strength and often set up a professional arm wrestling table at their shows, challenging their burliest audience members to tests of brawn. Although a native of Vancouver, Thor is of Austrian descent thus making the recording contract between Vulcan Sky and ArnoCorps a bond of blood with both Thor and ArnoCorps pledging to defend their national lore against its pilfering by Hollywood moguls.      

ArnoCorps and Thor kick off their new joint venture with a Vulcan Sky showcase at Slim’s (333 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103) on Wednesday May 27, 2009. When Thor and ArnoCorps played Slim’s in March 2008, the show was sold out and both bands rocked so hard that they shook the very halls of Valhalla. Thor has even gone so far as to praise that concert as one of the best he has ever played during his 30 years of muscular rocking. Also appearing on May 27th will be Vulcan Sky labelmates Freddie Flex and the Heavy Eric Sci-Fi Show and frequent ArnoCorps openers Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society, who will be releasing their own album through Vulcan Sky later this year. Tickets for this show are $12.00 and are available online at The doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8pm.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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