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ArnoHistory (1989-2001)
01. ArnoCorps Invents ArnoCore
02. Tragedy Hits
03. The Second Coming
04. Beyond Austria
05. Cold Front Turns to Red Heat
06. Return to Graz
07. London Invasion
08. Tragedy Strikes Again
09. Banished
10. Rebirth In the US






How do you pronounce ArnoCorps?
The "ps" is silent, you low-forehead.

Is ArnoCorps a tribute band?
No. A tribute band is a group that performs the songs of another established musician or band. There are no other musicians, past or present, that perform the material that is included in the ArnoCorps repertoire. All of our songs are original and exclusive to ArnoCorps.

Are your songs about movies?
No. ArnoCorps songs are inspired by ancient heroic lore and mythology that has been passed down for generations in the alpine communities of Austria. Confusion is created by the fact that the same tales that inspire our fantastic music have also inspired several Hollywood films. ArnoCorps stands in ballsy defiance of this cinematic Austroploitation.

What is "Arno"?
Arno is the word used to describe the intangible energy, or force, that allows for the action adventure lifestyle to be pursued. It is the common attribute ebodied by the heroic archetypes portrayed in our muisc. In many instances, Arno is what separates the heroes from the losers. It surrounds, penetrates, and binds ArnoCorps and our audience together. Understanding and utilizing the power of Arno enables individuals to feel The Pump and to be a goddamn hero or shero.

What is "the pump" and how do you achieve it?
The pump is a temporary mental and physical state of being that enables a hero or shero to accomplish things that would ordinarily be precieved as being out of the realm of possibity. ArnoCorps enables our listeners to experience the pump through our music. Some describe the feeling of the pump as being like an orgasm.

Is ArnoCorps still an Austrian band?
ArnoCorps are a band of international studs with members currently residing in USA, Canada and England. All members are of Austrian descent, however not all were born in Austria.

Why don't you have songs about Kindergarten Cop, Twins, and Junior?
The band has long held the position that those ancient tales of lore and mythology, while worthy in many respects, are not ones that encompass the action adventure lifestyle and therefore not included in our audio assaults. However, with the release of The Ballsy EP in 2009, ArnoCorps recorded the unbelievable song "You Lack Discipline" which tackles the topics bastardized in the Austroploitation film, "Kindergarten Cop". Fans can expect more in the future.

What is the difference between ArnoCore and ArnoCorps?

While both words are pronounced the same, "ArnoCore" is the style of music that we have pioneered, more commonly referred to as Action Adventure Hardcore Rock 'n' Roll. ArnoCorps is the name of the band, with the word "corps" referring to the squadron of heroes assembled for specific mission.

Why do you speak English instead of German?
Rock music was invented in the United States and has historically been performed in English. We are proud to be the first to introduce theses ancient inspirational tales of heroism to an English-speaking audience in the way in which they were meant to be told, through music. Also, since Holzfeuer was exiled from Austria, he refuses to speak his native language as a personal form of protest. ArnoCorps maintain that the band was born in Austria, but made in America.

How many members does ArnoCorps have?
There are 6 active duty members creating an arrangement called "heroic symmetry" which is comprised of 2 guitar players and 2 bass players, anchored by a drummer and a lead vocalist.

Has ArnoCorps ever killed anyone?
While several people have unfortunately been hospitalized due to the intensity of our music, we assure you, we are a rescue team, not assassins. We rescue people from their humdrum existence by thrusting them into the action adventure lifestyle where they can feel the power of Arno and achieve a fantastic pump.

Why do ArnoCorps members wear military clothing?
The young founding members of ArnoCorps went AWOL from the Austrian Army for their first public performance. With no time to change out of their battle dress uniforms before the show, the look of the band was determined by fate. Now, the band wear uniforms to reinforce their ballsy discipline and unified strength as a rescue team.

Why does ArnoCorps wear face paint?
It is an ancient tradition in some Austrian communities to roast marshmallow over a fire to represent the burning of body fat. The ashes from the fire are then ceremoniously spread across the face, serving as a reminder not to become soft like marshmallow. ArnoCorps carries on this tradition symbolically with face paint. We encourage attendees of live ArnoCorps audio assaults to do the same.

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