The Greatest Band of All Time
01. Arno Intro
02. Predator
03. True Lies
04. Total Recall 
05. Commando 
06. Collateral Damage
07. End of Days
08. Sixth Day
09. Running Man
10. Raw Deal
11. Eraser
12. Crom (strong on his mtn)
13. Wheel Of Pain  
14. Terminator 
15. Last Action Hero

The Ballsy
01. I'm Ballsy
02. Red Heat
03. You Lack Discipline
04. Terminator 
05. Judgment Day 
06. Rise of the Machines

Two More!
01. Pumping Iron
02. Stay Hungry

The Fantastic
01. Fantastic Intro
02. Crom (Strong On His Mountain)
03. Conan the Destroyer
04. King Conan (Crown of Iron)
05. Hercules
06. Red Sonja
07. Exactly

The Unbelievable
01. Unbelievable Intro
02. Mr. Freeze
03. Junior
04. Kindergarten Cop
05. Jingle All The Way
06. Handsome Stranger
07. Twins

Making the sword. Building the sword, building the steel. If you believe that, youíd also believe there are Richard Simmons Juniors running around!

Thatís me when I was young! Exactly! Does the kid wear lipstick? Exactly! He was known for his arms! Exactly! Yeah! His biceps and triceps!

Look at her neck. Hypnotizing, separating. Do you see that? The horseback riding. Crashing and falling. Such a wild scene!

The reason of the wheel! Exactly! The wheel of pain for grinding grain! Exactly! This guy is the grease guy! Exactly! He greases the wheel from the top! Ha ha, he was laughing! Exactly! He didnít laugh long! Exactly! Look at the midnight training! Exactly! I got my first stitches before it was noon!

Thatís right. Here it is. But itís like you always have compared the sword, the making of the sword with the making of the character. Cuz the stronger, the stronger it will get, right, the stronger the steel will get, with all that, and the same is with the character. The more resistance that you give it, the more obstacles it can overcome.

Unbelievable! Look at that! I remember! Go!!!

What does not kill you will make you stronger! What does not kill you will make you stronger! What does not kill you will make you stronger! What does not kill you will make you stronger!

Remember people screaming? Exactly! Remember the test screening? Exactly! This is so well written! Exactly! Remember! Remember! And all that kind of stuff! Exactly! Exactly! Exactly!

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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