The Greatest Band of All Time
01. Arno Intro
02. Predator
03. True Lies
04. Total Recall 
05. Commando 
06. Collateral Damage
07. End of Days
08. Sixth Day
09. Running Man
10. Raw Deal
11. Eraser
12. Crom (strong on his mtn)
13. Wheel Of Pain  
14. Terminator 
15. Last Action Hero

The Ballsy
01. I'm Ballsy
02. Red Heat
03. You Lack Discipline
04. Terminator 
05. Judgment Day 
06. Rise of the Machines

Two More!
01. Pumping Iron
02. Stay Hungry

The Fantastic
01. Fantastic Intro
02. Crom (Strong On His Mountain)
03. Conan the Destroyer
04. King Conan (Crown of Iron)
05. Hercules
06. Red Sonja
07. Exactly

The Unbelievable
01. Unbelievable Intro
02. Mr. Freeze
03. Junior
04. Kindergarten Cop
05. Jingle All The Way
06. Handsome Stranger
07. Twins

New identity, relocation
I'll take you through it step by step
You're in an extremely high risk situation
That should have been explained to you

I work alone! You know that!
I work alone! It's just a fact!
You should have known when you wore the tap!
You should have known there's no going back!

Get Down! Oh Shit! Close your eyes! Shut up!
Don't move! You're dead! You've been! Erased!
You'll never see me again
but I'll know every move you make!
Now your life is not your own
You found out and it's too late!
You're erased!

Use your heads, lie low
And I promise, no one will hurt you
But if you try to skip out on your testimony
I'll deliver you myself!

It's gone too far! We're on our own!
It's gone too far! Your cover is blown!
They know where you are! Location is known!
They know where you are! And your not alone!


Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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