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November 1, 2006


After taking Great Britain in a way that Napoleon could only dream of this past Summer, the Austrian adventure rockers ArnoCorps are now returning to their adopted stronghold of San Frantastic for all-out assault on 12 Galaxies on Saturday November 18, 2006.

ArnoCorps have not graced the city by the bay since last June. Since then, the band of ballsy heroes have laid waste to the hapless rock clubs of the UK and Ireland, been praised by the BBC (a ten out of ten rating for their show in Manchester), landed on the cover of this month's "Thrasher," and have now found themselves embroiled in an election year controversy as they prepare for their final appearance of the year.

"ArnoCorps has been accused of riding on the tailcoats of this Governor Schwarzenoodle" ArnoCorps' vocalist Holzfeuer says from his Mount Diablo training compound, "but it is that Governor of yours who is trying again to ride on our wave of ballsy defiance and heroism, come on!"

"It is he who has seen the successes that we had in Fantastic Britain," the towering Teuton says with a sneer, "It is he who is stealing from us, the same way that he has stolen our great Austrian lore for Hollywood exploitations! Thank Crom nobody knows this better than the goddamn heroes of San Frantastic! Let's go!!!"

While ArnoCorps is more than powerful enough to go it alone at 12 Galaxies on November 18th, they are being supported by two bands that have proven to be every bit as ballistic as they are. Palmdale's Van Stone bring up the middle with a leather studded, bare-chested barrage of glam-infused punk metal, complete with a six foot stainless steel laser skull. With guitars forged from hardest steel that double as deadly weapons, this band's power riffage conjures up the glories of Priest in the worst way possible. Van Stone first garnered national attention with their controversial appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Playboy Channel and the Van's Warped Tour.

Kicking off the show with kung fu authority will be the searing success seminar rock of Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. While Van Stone will be singing the praises of their native Palmdale, Dante will be gushing with "Redwood City Rock City" pride in an explosive battle for suburban dominance.

If you only go to one show this year make sure it's

at 12 Galaxies
2565 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ages 21+, $10 door

Advance Tickets


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