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May 2005
Update from the AAP -Associated ArnoCorps Press

The internationally renowned action adventure hardcore rock and roll band makes their monumental comeback on FRIDAY MAY 27, 2005. ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

One year ago the WORLD’S DEADLIEST BANDS rocked the foundations of the RED DEVIL LOUNGE in San Francisco with their characteristic military precision and sheer muscular might. It was a brutal barrage of heavy rock and punk pugnacity that left the capacity crowd wanting more. So a tradition was formed - a tradition of sonic warfare forged in the hardest steel and bathed in blood. It is this tradition that brings us THE 2ND ANNUAL WORLD'S DEADLIEST BANDS!!!

Friday May 27, 2005 is a date to mark down on your calendar and a day that will never be forgotten as Austrian action-adventure rockers ARNOCORPS and martial arts success guru COUNT DANTE & THE BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY are joined by MEAT HAMMER for the annual showcase of the deadly and dangerous at RED DEVIL LOUNGE!

ArnoCorps has come back to their Bay Area base of operations after a six-month Austrian odyssey where they returned to their homeland to gain inspiration for their long-awaited debut album. A newly revised set of Austrian lore-inspired songs such as "True Lies", "Predator" and "Total Recall" were developed along with pounds of muscle mass through rigorous training. Whether amongst the spires of Vienna or cowed by the majesty of the Alps of Innsbruck, ArnoCorps found the creative momentum that they needed in the land of their birth and have eagerly returned to rejoin the hard rock fray of the San Francisco stage.

"Austria, let me tell you, it was fantastic," ArnoCorps lead vocalist Holzfeuer says from a bunker deep in the bowels of Berkeley. "But the whole time we were preparing for our album in such idyllic sceneries and all these kinds of things, we longed for the battlefield of rock. We are back as the last action rock heroes and proudly bring the peoples of San Frantastic this Second Annual World’s Deadliest Bands! The ballsiest show on the planet! Come on!"

As poet, preacher, martial artist, motivational speaker, professional wrestler and band leader, Count Dante has just completed a record of his own at the historic House of Faith Studios in Oakland’s Chinatown. The Count promises something special for the return bout of the World’s Deadliest Bands, however he has kept his plans for the show shrouded in a Bush Administration level of secrecy. Both the Red Devil Lounge and ArnoCorps have filed Freedom of Information Act motions to try to reveal the enigmatic Dante’s plans, but so far their efforts have been stymied by the Black Dragon Fighting Society’s claims of national security. Whatever these plans may be, The Count boldly promises that this year’s Deadliest Bands performance will top even last year’s senses-shattering set.

This year, the bloodstained butchers of rock MEAT HAMMER open the show with a grizzly set that was written in a charnel house and practiced in a packing plant. Hailing from parts unknown, this band of warriors are nonetheless said to be expertly trained in the use of all manner of exotic cutlery. The members of Meat Hammer have vowed to bring honor to the Deadliest Bands tradition and humiliation to all those who stand in its way.

FRIDAY MAY 27, 2005
1695 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-4730




Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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