01. Holzfeuer
02. Vielmehr Klampfe
03. Inzo der Barrakuda
04. Erich Nagelbett
05. Öddum Kriegtroll
06. Baron von Trotz
07. Karl Dichtschnur

Past Members
08. Der Wölf
09. Gellend Adler
10. Toten Adler
11. Halstucha
12. Schlagbolzen


border Schlagbolzen
ORIGIN: Untertilliach, Austria
SPECIALTY: Semi-automatic Rhythm
ACTIVE: 2003-2005
EXERCISE: Axle Bench Press
QUOTE: "We're all gonna die."

In March 2002, Holzfeuer prepared his records for an Arts and Entertainment visa to remain in the United States. The only document required that he did not have on hand was his birth certificate. The Board of Immigration and Naturalization, after learning of the incident at the Austrian embassy where Holzfeuer was refused entry as his government has labelled him a traitor, told him that they would do the leg work for him. Six to eight weeks later, a manila envelope arrived at the ArnoCorps rehearsal studio. Holzfeuer explained, “I thought some joke was being played on me when I read the certification of my leaving the birth canal. It said I was one of a two twins. I thought, ‘What is this bullshit?’”

The document was authenticated by the Board. It was real. Holzfeuer was one of two boys born that day. Commandeering the free minutes on bandmate Inzo’s cellular communication device, Holzfeuer called home. After an hour of what sounded like Central European jibberish and bellows, Holzfeuer confided in his bandmates the secret kept from him for so long. When the twins were barely one year old, the family took a holiday in the Bohemian Forest. The twins were set down in a picturesque lea while the parents went to gather senf roots, which would be turned into jam for lunch. When they returned, only Holzfeuer was left and the infant, who could barely say ‘Crom’, could not relay what had happened. Searches were made, but in vain. Always seeing their glass as half full, his parents decided that if one of the twins had to disappear, they were glad it was the one born with the unfortunate twelve toes. Now, Holzfeuer wanted to learn of his brother. Toten Adler suggested he get a dog, instead, but as Holzfeuer put it, “If I wanted to have my face licked, I’d put my head in a pie.”

Meanwhile, in the village of Untertilliach, a young man left behind his home, father and 3 bands in which he played guitar to pursue a musical career in the land of the rock and the all night roll. Schlagbolzen, a longhaired mountain person with no formal musical training, was gifted, indeed. Beginning with the stringed folk instruments of his culture, Schlagbolzen dominated every instrument he got hold of, eventually settling on a guitar his father purchased while visiting one of the merchants in the valley. Schlagbolzen’s education stemmed primarily from his listening to the village elders who sat around the campfires drinking homemade ale and urinating freely. Consequently, Schlagbolzen became rooted and versed in his region's folklore, which he was determined to convey in his music. A strong believer in Crom, Schlagbolzen called for a sign, a vision of where life should take him. That night, he dreamed of being in a band dedicated to heritage and Crom. From the depths of the dream, he heard someone yell, “San Frantastic!”

Hiking down from the mountains, he read the letter his father had written him. In it, Schlagbolzen learned how he had been found wandering the woods alone. With no children of his own, the man decided to care for the infant boy and raise him as his son. If it didn’t work out, he could always trade the baby to another family for salted pork. Schlagbolzen stowed away on the only liner flying toward the United States. Unknown to him at the time, this too was fate as the plane’s final destination was San Francisco, California.

In America, Schlagbolzen joined in on many gigs around the Bay Area clubs, but was always asked to never return. It seemed many found his excessive violent outbursts difficult to adjust to, not to mention painful. One night, he was approached by a man who stared him down just inches from his nose. Schlagbolzen asked the man who he was and what he wanted. “Inzo,” he answered. “Mmmm. Follow. Music.”

At the rehearsal space, Schlagbolzen met ArnoCorps. Although, happy to meet another fellow Austrian, Holzfeuer never considered that this unkempt longhair was his long lost twin. That is, until that fateful day when the band, after a sweat-drenched performance, decided to cool off their feet in the headlining band’s ice chest. “When Schlagbolzen undid his boots and removed his socks, I about fell on my own face! He had an extra pinky toe on each foot, just as my mother had said to me of my twin!” --DNA tests later confirmed the bond.

Holzfeuer put it best when he said, “Sure, he can’t read the music notes and he fears the indoor plumbing, but he is mein bruder.“ ArnoCorps had always been a family, but now moreso than ever.

After 2-1/2 years of rocking venues throughout California with ArnoCorps, Schlagbolzen returned to Austria with Holzfeuer for pre-production of the forthcoming ArnoCorps LP. Meeting his real parents for the first time, Schlagbolzen understandably embraced the opportunity to experience a unique form of family bonding. He will not be returning with Holzfeuer to California to record the ArnoCorps full-length album.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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