01. Holzfeuer
02. Vielmehr Klampfe
03. Inzo der Barrakuda
04. Erich Nagelbett
05. Öddum Kriegtroll
06. Baron von Trotz
07. Karl Dichtschnur

Past Members
08. Der Wölf
09. Gellend Adler
10. Toten Adler
11. Halstucha
12. Schlagbolzen


ORIGIN: Minneapolis, MN
SPECIALTY: Hypnotizing rythms
ACTIVE: 2000-2004
EXERCISE: Chin-ups
QUOTE: "The future is not set."

The married owners of the successful cigar store called Wunderbar, decided to try their luck in America and left their Austrian homeland in the summer of 1970. They settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota and had a daughter, Halstucha, in 1972, whom they raised as Austrian-American. Within a few years, however, the couple worried that the American attitude of sloth and Happy Meals were having a negative effect on their rosy cheeked daughter. And so, in order to instill a sense of discipline (physically and mentally), Halstucha’s parents shipped her off to a boarding school.

Immediately, Halstucha found it difficult to assimilate into the peer groups found at the Molly Brown School for Young Women. Her Austrian heritage and adopted belief system only seemed to drive a wedge further between Halstucha and the other girls. They had no patience to listen about things like benefits of stogies or the almighty Crom (one girl going as far as to tell Halstucha to “take her stinky cigar and Crom it up her nose”.) Word from her family was always welcomed and the one thing that kept her going. However, as the years passed, the phonecalls turned into letters, then into postcards. Halstucha felt even more isolated than ever before. Then, the nightmares began. Halstucha dreamed of darkness, of pride, of music with meaning, of a man in dark fatigues repeating the words. ‘Action’ and ‘Adventure’. She rarely slept after this. Then, one night an exhausted Halstucha asked Crom to tell her what it all meant, what her purpose was. The next day, Crom answered.

Halstucha awoke in the morning to find a mouse chewing out a hole from inside her wall. She knocked on the wall and found that it was hollowed. Using a motion like a pissed off windmill, she opened up the wall in a matter of seconds. There she found an acoustic guitar garnished with pictures of Joan Baez and anti-Johnson slogans. Never having played anything musical in her life, Halstucha sat down to conquer the instrument and, like Caesar, vini vidi vici. baby!

Playing with the instinct of an unknown power, Halstucha played music that was pure energy, total power. The music dept. at Molly Brown listened to her display and called it, “Complete noise. Total lack of melody. Absolute balderdash.” --This said, Halstucha dropped out of school and wandered the US in search of....something. She knew not what.

Arriving in San Diego one summer’s day in 1999, Halstucha began playing her guitar outside of trendy spa. Almost immediately, a man came out, she assumed to tell her off. Instead, the man, overwhelmed with enthusiasm, asked if she would like to perform with his band and she agreed. On September 17, 1999, Halstucha, the self-taught guitarist of immigrant parentage, took the stage with Kenny G.

At one point, Mr. G gave Halstucha the center stage to solo. Lighting up a stogie, she played what came natural, what she heard in her heart, but the crowd only booed. Backstage, an isolated Halstucha saw a roadie in dark fatigues. Was it the man from her dreams? As she rushed toward him, he began to vanish. As he did, he pointed to a guitar case and whispered, “Action.....Adventure....Corps.”

Halstucha opened the case and found an electric guitar. Although she knew it belonged to a member of Kenny G’s group, she stole it and hitched a ride out of town, finally arriving in Berkeley. In preparation to join the Marine Corps, Halstucha began a rigorous regimen of chin ups and kick boxing. On her way to the recruiting office, Halstucha, guitar in hand, again heard the voice. “Action....Adventure....Corps.”

“Shut the hell up!” she yelled. “I’m going there, now! Why don’t you try paying attention, you whispering pervert!”

The man in dark fatigues appeared in front of a nondescript building. Again, he vanished before she reached him, but on the door of the building was posted a note: ‘ArnoCorps auditions inside. Action-Adventure hardcore rock and roll’. Halstucha knocked on the door and told the man she wanted to audition.

Halstucha went on to become the first female member of ArnoCorps, helping launch the band's legendary presence in California.

The rest is a history not yet written.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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