01. Holzfeuer
02. Vielmehr Klampfe
03. Inzo der Barrakuda
04. Erich Nagelbett
05. Öddum Kriegtroll
06. Baron von Trotz
07. Karl Dichtschnur

Past Members
08. Der Wölf
09. Gellend Adler
10. Toten Adler
11. Halstucha
12. Schlagbolzen


border Erich Nagelbett
ORIGIN: Vienna, Austria
SPECIALTY: Inspirational Palm Mutes
WEAPON: Gibson Flying V
ACTIVE: 2000-2002, 2011-Present
QUOTE: "I'll tell you what, this much. Hey, what can I tell you?"

In a tremendous display of his devotion to Arno, Nagelbett swam across the ocean from his home in Europe all the way to America for the chance to join the reborn ArnoCorps in 2000. As the most hard-core of followers in Austria, Nagelbett had been training for this opportunity for years. When Holzfeuer was asked about the validity of Erich's claim of swimming across the Atlantic, he replied "I have no reason not to believe him. His boots were soaking wet." Once he arrived at the auditions, Erich was named drummer after he told Holtzfeuer the old Austrian joke about the strudel maker and the schottken farmer's daughter.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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