01. Holzfeuer
02. Vielmehr Klampfe
03. Inzo der Barrakuda
04. Erich Nagelbett
05. Öddum Kriegtroll
06. Baron von Trotz
07. Karl Dichtschnur

Past Members
08. Der Wölf
09. Gellend Adler
10. Toten Adler
11. Halstucha
12. Schlagbolzen


ORIGIN: Wolfsberg, Austria
SPECIALTY: Bloodletting Bass
WEAPON: Ernie Ball Music Man
ACTIVE: 2004-2007, 2010-2011, RIP
EXERCISE: Pursuit of prey
QUOTE: "Nobody dares dare Der Wolf, there."

Der Wolf RIP

We know our band is primarily a source of humor, escapism and even motivation for most of you, but we feel it's important to let all ArnoCorps fans know about the untimely passing of our bandmate, brother and friend, bass player Danny "Der Wölf" Kain.

Danny had only recently become concerned with what he thought were minor health issues and was scheduled for a doctor's appointment this past Tuesday morning. Tragically, he suffered a heart failure in his sleep the night before. We are all still in shock. Deputy Coroner reported Dilated Cardiomyopathy and probable Cardiac Dysrhythmia as the cause of death. Toxicology report was totally clean.

Danny performed with ArnoCorps initially from 2004-2007, including our legendary 2006 UK Tour as well as being a huge part of our critically-acclaimed album, "The Greatest Band Of All Time". In 2010, we were blessed with Der Wölf's return, as he performed several California dates with us, including our sold out 10-Year Anniversary Audio Assault at Slim's in San Francisco earlier this year. Most recently, Danny joined us in the process of writing new music for our next release, responsible for creating two basslines for each new song, as we anxiously looked forward to the return of our trademark "Heroic Symmetry" sound.

"I'm not sure if our band would have ever been heard outside of our local scene if not for Danny's unbelievable contributions to ArnoCorps' music, stage presence and our drive to create something truly unique. An incredible musician, amazingly kind person and loving brother. The world is a less heroic place without Der Wölf." -Holzfeuer

"Danny Kain's musical knowledge, ability, and invention were beyond belief. I would constantly ask him to show off but his modesty wouldn't allow it most of the time. He was a true gentleman and he will be greatly missed on and off the stage." -Inzo der Barrakuda

"Danny Kain and I were opposite sides of the same coin for years as we perfected Heroic Symmetry. Our symmetry on stage was the same off. He was a true hero who provided me continuous inspiration with his bass playing and outlook on life." -Toten Adler

"Danny Kain helped shape the ArnoCorps sound. His harmonic bass lines will ring in our hearts forever" -Vielmehr Klampfe

"Danny Kain was the most modest of all the bassists in the world, which is crazy because he is also the greatest. He has been and will continue to be an inspiration to me." -Gellend Adler

"Heroic Symmetry is only heroic when you are rocking side by side with a hero. Danny was a true hero regardless of whether he was tearing up the stage, giving advices, or just hanging out. His playing and character will inspire me forever." -Karl Dichtschnur

"Danny Kain is the most talented and gifted musician I will ever know. He will continue to inspire me as I spread the word of the pump in his honor." -Erich Nagelbett

Please join us in celebrating the heroic life of Danny "Der Wölf" Kain.

Thursday September 1, 2011
Connolly & Taylor
4000 Alhambra Ave
Martinez, CA

Friday September 2, 2011
11AM with reception directly after the service
Walnut Creek United Methodist Church
1543 Sunnyvale Ave
Walnut Creek, CA

Share your memories, express your condolences here.

Der Wölf's heroic mythologized ArnoCorps bio is available here.

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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