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ArnoHistory (1989-2001)
01. ArnoCorps Invents ArnoCore
02. Tragedy Hits
03. The Second Coming
04. Beyond Austria
05. Cold Front Turns to Red Heat
06. Return to Graz
07. London Invasion
08. Tragedy Strikes Again
09. Banished
10. Rebirth In the US





After less than a month of mourning, Holzfeuer was determined not to let ArnoCorps and all that it stood for perish. For himself and his deceased friends, it was not just a band, it was a system of beliefs, it was a purpose, it was a wake up call to the people. And that call was one of action, one of Arno. Holzfueur worked through the guilt that his friends had died because of his own physical weakness by training his body to go without rest and build a high pain threshold. Months of extensive body building, strict diet and electro shock therapy brought Holzfueur to a point where he wanted to be. Now capable of bodily contortions and movements executed at amazing speeds, he was once heard to have said "I feel like I could take on Crom himself".

After almost a year of scouring the clubs of Austria, Holzfueur recruited three new members who had been inspired by the original brigade of ArnoCorps. Determined that ArnoCorps should live again as an even stronger force, both musically and physically, Holzfeuer ran the new recruits through an extensive regimen of orchestration and exercise. Knowing that having been better physical specimens may have saved the lives of the band's original members, Holzfeuer made it clear that he wanted no kleines mädchen or "little girly-men" in ArnoCorps.

Once achieving perfected music and pectorals, the new ArnoCorps hit the Austrian scene like a well-built bat out of hell. They played seven shows a week, playing anywhere that would allow them (very few venues refused them, however, because the band had such an ominous presence). One club owner said, "I was afraid that if I said no, that they would crush my skull like a grape".

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Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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