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ArnoHistory (1989-2001)
01. ArnoCorps Invents ArnoCore
02. Tragedy Hits
03. The Second Coming
04. Beyond Austria
05. Cold Front Turns to Red Heat
06. Return to Graz
07. London Invasion
08. Tragedy Strikes Again
09. Banished
10. Rebirth In the US






Well-steeped in the heroic tales of their Austrian heritage, ArnoCorps take ancient myths such as “Predator,” “Commando,” “Terminator” and “Total Recall” and set them to a sonic onslaught known as action-adventure hardcore rock ‘n’ roll. While many in the press have foolishly mistaken the Austro-Californian pioneers as an Arnold Schwarzenegger tribute band, ArnoCorps actually seek to expose the shameless exploitation of their ballsy folklore at the hands of the Hollywood hype machine. Through ArnoCorps, the world can finally hear these cherished legends in the way they were meant to be told, empowering listeners to unlock their own potential to become “goddamn heroes and sheroes”.

Although known for hurling volunteer audience members record distances and crowdsurfing on top of their guitar cases in displays of superhuman athleticism, there is no need to fear ArnoCorps‘ explosive performances; they are a rescue team, not assassins. The spectacle extends beyond the stage as attendees of ArnoCorps’ fabled live audio assaults are frequently adorned in camouflage face paint and uniforms that rival the adventure-ready appearance of the band themselves. However, even newcomers will find a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere amidst a frenzy of bonding and unity under the ArnoCorps banner of ballsy defiance. Experiencing “the pump” is inevitable through crowd participation, including on-stage calisthenics challenges and impromptu, all-gender (and all body type) bodybuilding posedowns.

Based in Oakland, California since the year 2000, ArnoCorps’ battle against cinematic Austroploitation is an international mission, having conducted headline tours of the UK and Ireland in 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014 while extending their reach to mainland Europe in 2015. The band were tasked with headlining opening night of 2015‘s Bloodstock Festival and continue to garner critical acclaim by the British press, including a perfect 10 out of 10 rating from the BBC, described as “the most fun live show you could imagine” by Metal Hammer and “enough to leave Manowar sweating through their loincloths” by Kerrang! Magazine.

ArnoCorps have announced their return to the UK and Ireland this July 2017 with ten dates supporting their latest release, “The Unbelievable” on vinyl, CD and digital with Jello Biafra’s legendary Alternative Tentacles Records. The new record features long-awaited sonic reclamations of Austria's most cherished whimsical alpine tales, including; “Twins”, “Junior”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Jingle All the Way” and more! Despite being so brazenly misrepresented by Hollywood via comedic Austroploitation films, be prepared to learn that these unbelievable tales are perhaps the most evocative and life-altering of all ancient Austrian alpine lore yet to be unleashed by ArnoCorps. GO!!!

Wheel Of Pain Push-Ups

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